Faile 1.4 Windows Executable
Choose this option if you wish to run Faile 1.4 on a win32 based machine (Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, etc). This option includes the Faile 1.4 executable, the text documentation, as well as a default opening book, which is based on a lot of GM games and intended to cover every ECO code.
Faile 1.4 Windows Executable - No Book
This is the same as above, except that it doesn't include a book. Since it doesn't have a book, this distribution is much smaller.
Faile 1.4 Source Distribution
Choose this option if you wish to build Faile 1.4 to work on a *NIX machine, or if you simply want to see the Faile 1.4 source code. This option includes all of the Faile 1.4 source code as well as the documentation and some sample makefiles.
Classics PGN File
This is a small collection (about 13,000 games) of classic GM battles. You can use this to build a small book for Faile 1.4 if you downloaded the source distribution.
Faile 0.6 Source Distribution
Choose this option if you wish to see the source of the old version of Faile. This option includes the source, documentation, makefile, as well as an opening book.